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to the new Peace Through Folk Website, which is now under construction.

Who we are and what we do

Peace through Folk

developed from a group that was first formed in 1987 with the aim of organising concerts, gatherings, performances which will enable the celebration of




We work towards the wider aims of:

  • Living in a more kind and sustainable way to preserve planet Earth for all creatures.
  • Recognising that we have more in common, than that which divides us.

We do this through all forms of music and performing arts.

Our motto is ‘Whatever you do, don’t do nowt!’

For now:

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Access the Peace Through Folk Archive  Peace through Folk’s historic material.

Our thanks to:

Pete Hopkins whose steadfast stewardship of our website over the years enabled Peace through Folk to take full advantage of new media.

George Mahoney who has kindly agreed to provide an archive for Peace through Folk’s historic material on the Leek Peace Choir website, a fitting location given that the choir started life as a key element of Peace through Folk.

Bex Massey who is now guiding our faltering footsteps through the alternate universe that is WordPress! 

and retired Founder Directors Wal and Lorna Davies –

Lorna Davies R.I.P

As many of you will know, our dear friend Lorna Davies passed away at 2:30 on Friday 7th October.
She had been suffering from a very aggressive and untreatable cancer.
She will be greatly missed by so many people in the folk scene worldwide and in her beloved Staffordshire Moorlands.
Wal sends his thanks for the huge number of messages of sympathy and tributes that he has received
Please call Malc on 07494 738 939 for more informtion



Next event

To buy via We got Tickets (which will include a booking fee) 
go to this link – Merry Hell comes to The Maude Leek!

ONLY10 TICKETS LEFT as at 6th November so move fast before we sell out !!!

Merry Hell is a band founded on the ever-evolving Folk tradition – music made by the people and shared by the people. Though their hearts and souls are tuned to the songs which came before them, they bring new words and music forged from their own experiences, from the lows and the loves of their lives. Their art is energy, and their hope is unity. Their pleasure is to please: let the audience be the acid test and let the music speak for itself. Call it power folk, call it punk folk, whatever you want to call it, call it a good time. This is in your face folk music, with more than a hint of social justice, delivered up tempo with plentiful blend of love and aggression, and along the way in the time-honoured tradition of comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable.

The sound of dreams realised, joy unconfined, your favourite yesterday’s returning and the promise of tomorrow. Merry Hell are all this and more.

Founded in their native Northwest of England, Merry Hell is an eight-piece folk-rock band with a history, a pedigree and a bright future. They have risen to become festival favourites, their albums finding favour with critics, broadcasters, and music fans alike. They are continuing to develop an enviable reputation for the quality of their song writing, recorded work and live performances.

The band was forged in the smouldering embers of 90s Folk/punk band, The Tansads. Its members chose to tread the boards under a new name, ‘Merry Hell’, in order to reflect their new impetus, new hopes and, most importantly, new songs.

While Merry Hell retains a nucleus of five former Tansads members, brothers John, Bob and Andrew Kettle (guitar, mandolin and vocals respectively), along with keyboard player, Lee Goulding and drummer Andy Jones, the addition of vocalist, Virginia Kettle (wife of John), has helped create a new identity, purpose and spirit, in their music. She took little persuading to trade in her solo singer-songwriter past for a future in the band. Her prolific, ingenious and insightful song writing is one of the focal points of Merry Hell’s recordings and live performances – her presence has perfectly complemented a group which has taken particular pride in penning original material (Bob, John and Lee have also been consistent contributors of new songs).

For more information, pictures etc please see –

Merry Hell will be supported on 20th November at The Maude by
Paul Walker and Karen Pfeiffer
The Leek Peace Choir

The Anglo-German duo Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer hail from Staffordshire, although Karen is originally from Stuttgart, Germany.

In the last five years they have spread their wings very successfully into the British and European folk and festival scene and perform in theatres, village halls, folk clubs and of course at festivals throughout the UK. Festival appearances in the UK include Beardy Folk Festival, Great British Folk Festival, Celtic Connections (DKOS), Acoustic Festival of Britain and many more. They tour annually in Southern Ireland and Germany – and in 2019 they embarked on their first tour of New Zealand and Western Australia.

Their albums have received glowing reviews in folk and music industry magazines (e.g. Acoustic Magazine, Folk North West, The Living Tradition, Stirrings Magazine, Folker, Folk Monthly). Their latest album ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Me Duck’ and their latest single releases have also been enjoying considerable airplay in Europe, the U.S and Australia.

For more information about Paul and Karen and pictures see their website –

Leek Peace Choir

(formerly known as The Peace through Folk Choir) founded in 2014

The choir has performed at several folk festivals as well as many local events and has recorded 2 albums and 2 DVD’s.  From 2014 to 2018 the choir took part in a series of three-day Folk Gatherings, culminating in an event which marked the centenary of the end of World War One.
See videos of performances
Peace Through Folk Concert September 2018

‘Reconciliation’ and ‘Only Remembered’ – Two songs from The Peace through Folk Choir with
Coope, Boyes and Simpson May 11th 2017    

Leek Peace Choir website 

Note to Editors –
Please contact Malc Hawksworth for more information, pictures, interviews, etc
07494 738 939 or